SamaQuds Exhibitions has a long history (since 1986) in organizing International and local Trade Shows.


Our mission is to provide professional and unique platform and generate new leads from the opportunity to access the region market and to meet with key investors’ domestic players, public officials and key distributors.

Our Vision

To become the first and only exhibition that hosts a high profile of companies specialized in various building, construction and home accessories, and to offer a great opportunity to access the MENA region.

Sama has organized hundreds of specialized trade fairs in all sectors in Jordan and the Middle East.

Jordan Industrial Trade Expo 2015 Ramallah, Palestine
Jordanian Industries Trade Show 2012-2013 Amman, Jordan
Palestinian Trade Exhibition 2011 Amman, Jordan
Jordan Pavilion 2003-2008 Baghdad, Iraq
Iraq Agrifood Exhibition 2000 Baghdad, Iraq
Water & Electricity Exhibition 1998 Baghdad, Iraq
Int’l Oil & Gas Technology Trade Show 1999 Baghdad, Iraq
Kia Motors at Baghdad Int’l Fair 1999 Baghdad, Iraq
Iraq Int’l Oil & Gas Tech Show 1999 Baghdad, Iraq
Qatar at Baghdad Int’l Fair 1998 Baghdad, Iraq
Doha Int’l Trade Fair 1993-1998 Doha Qatar
Jordan Pavilion at Gulf Agrifood 1996 Doha, Qatar
Middle East Trade Fair 1996 Dubai, UAE
Health Care & Rehabilitation Expo 1995 Dubai, UAE
Iraq Health Care Exhibition 1998 Baghdad, Iraq
Jordan Pavilion at Int’l Spring Show  1995 Baghdad, Iraq
Dubai Int’l Police Equipment Expo 1994-1996 Dubai, UAE
Dates Production Trade Show 1994-1995 Baghdad, Iraq
Arab Pharmaceutical  Expo 1993-2002 Baghdad, Iraq
Arab Food Show 1992-2000 Baghdad, Iraq
Arab Industrial Trade Fair 1991 Baghdad, Iraq
Jordan Industrial Exhibition 1989 Amman, Jordan
Saudi Industrial Exhibition 1987 Amman, Jordan
Tunisian Days 1986 Amman, Jordan

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