mediacampaign_logo_greySamaQuds Have developed a huge advertising campaign and media coverage for Buildexjo exhibition & conference to reach the targeted attendance 25,000 international and national attendees and to reach 2,000,000 viewers in Jordan and abroad through our Media partners and their channels as follow:

Advertising Campaign


  1. Advertising campaign in local newspapers.
  2. Advertising pages in the leading Arabic & English related publications.
  3. Radio ads.
  4. Outdoor signage.
  5. Press releases and targeted editorial features in selected newspapers.
  6. Promotional leaflets of 40,000 copies will be distributed as insertions in selected newspapers.
  7. 500,000 email shots to selected categories.
  8. 100,000 SMS to selected categories.
  9. Direct mail Invitations to our extensive database for decision makers.
  10. Advertising through social media websites.




 Tv channels:


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